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Aesthetic Materialism

I have like a bazillion things I've written, sitting on my computer, that the world has never seen.  I'm going to start uploading them here. Aesthetic Materialism I happen To prefer Everything is a matter of taste.  My preference is for fMRI scans, drivers’ instruction manuals, raw red entrails, landfills, nebulae, sandpaper, a face in the wind.... I like things to be real.  Thick, juicy.  Then again, thinness is a perfectly materialistic trait.    That’s good, too.  So is dryness, and tastelessness.  Chocolate and velocity.  Vapor is a kind of material.  Light is a kind of material.  Thought is a kind of material. Everything is material, of course. So then, how can there be a materialism, an advocacy for the material, an identity with the material?  Can one have a preference for everything? Or could we ask: what is it that makes material material?  I have an answer and a non-answer to this question.  The non-answer is - to ask such a question searches for an ess