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A Sequel to Hegel

 The Will-to-Innocence and the Spirit of Mockery (and their children): The Further Adventures of the Absolute Spirit I recently heard about The Owl at Dawn: a Sequel to Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit , by Andrew Cutrofello. I became so excited that such a book exists, that I immediately looked through the local library to see if they had it. They didn't, so I'm happy to pony up and buy a copy. It's on order. I haven't read it yet. But in the meantime, my mind can't help spinning tales of what it might say, what a sequel to The Phenomenology of Spirit might look like. For me, Hegel is the philosopher of liberalism, par excellence. But what people like Francis Fukuyama miss, in their revival of the notion of the “End of History,” (or as Hegel himself put it, the “annihilation of time”) is that Hegel, good German enlightened limited monarchist that he was, never saw liberal democracy as the end of history. For Hegel, the end of history, or the purpose