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The other thing about theology

So, this is a follow-up to my earlier short essay, " What's important about theology ".  I was tempted to call this one "the problem with theology," but I avoided that because "problem" has such a negative connotation (although it shouldn't.)  But in this short essay, I will try to sketch out what makes theology so devilishly difficult. I started off that earlier essay by saying that theology dealt with two "puzzles."  I used that word purposefully.  But of course a theologian doesn't usually use the word "puzzles."  Indeed, a proud theologian might take offense at the use of this word - it might offend their dignity.  (Similarly, according to Mark, the "people" often took "offense" at what Jesus said.  "If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out.") Theologians usually don't like thinking of the questions they are pondering as puzzles.  The word "puzzle" sounds too trivial, as though s

Various Types of Heroism

  The crudest, stupidest kind of heroism is the kind in which you idolize and idealize a person, celebrating and exaggerating their positive attributes, while refusing to believe anything negative about them.  ("Ac-cen-tuate the positive, el-im-in-ate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and don't mess with Mr. Inbetween..." ...that song is so psychologically unhealthy, such maniacal, decadent evil that I kinda enjoy it and almost admire it...) Next up, the critical stance towards a hero is almost as boring as crude idealism, and often merely the mirror image of it: it has essentially the same content as apologetics, but with the values flipped.  By all means, one should "tarry with the negative," as long as you don't tarry too long .  The moralistic posturing of judgment against "great" people can be just as tiresome as worshipful, dogmatic adulation.  When I speak to those who focus too narrowly on the foibles and shortcomings of a hero - y