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Every movement

Seems like, every real movement that happens.... ...Anarchists start it. ...Marxist-Leninists try to co-opt it, and fail. ...Liberal Democrats try to co-opt it, and succeed. ...left-coms complain about it. Anarchists are the only ones with the co-ordination and organization to get anything accomplished. I'm not saying that's how it ought to be, but that's how it is.

Is Aesthetic Materialism a Joke?

One has not grasped aesthetic materialism until one takes it both very seriously, and more importantly, as a joke.  Like the best jokes, its paradoxical structure is beguiling in the sense that it is not - quite - a contradiction.  It is not a contradiction, but it is difficult to see quite how it is not a contradiction.  "Materialism" sounds very serious indeed, but "aesthetic" makes it seem as if it is not quite serious, not altogether serious, that there is some lightness in there, some light in there.  We smell aesthetics coming, and we say, "Just what are you trying to pull, here?"  "Goth" contains, in a single word, all of the same paradoxes.  What is a goth, other than a person who has found light in darkness?  It may seem a little strange to call a goth a materialist, but when one sticks "aesthetic" onto it... well... then it almost seems quite interchangeable to speak of "aesthetic materialism" or "aesthetic spi