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Science Fiction: Math is Sideways

  Ananse Wimbledon-Sutcliffe: You're listening to KSLF public radio, and right now, Padme Omicron-Danforth has been working on a story which has taken the world by storm.  As I understand it, Padme, math is sideways.  Is that right?   Padme Omicron-Danforth: Hi, Ananse.  Yyyyyyes.  Ish. A W-S: How did that happen?  How did math turn sideways?  What does that even mean? P O-D: Alright. First of all, math didn't turn sideways.  In fact, this story, unfortunately, has been a little over-hyped.  Someone in the media, and I'm not sure who, came up with the phrase, "Math is sideways," which is just such a great, punchy, three-word slogan, and it just went viral, and now everyone is talking about how math is sideways, and people are touting this discovery as a giant transformation of our understanding of the universe, as big as when we learned, through Einstein's relativity, that geometry is non-Euclidean, and so forth.... A W-S: Okay, so what's really going on h

Readymade Apocalypse

  Possible apocalypse: eventually everything is turned into readymade art, and no one is allowed to touch anything. (All the food, all people, other art, etc.) I declare your thoughts to be my readymade art - you are not allowed to touch them or change them, but must preserve them - you must keep on thinking the same thoughts forever. Everyone dies of excessive chin rubbing. originally posted to facebook, May 2, 2012