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What should be most obvious is that one of the primary duties of any Nietzschean is to overcome Nietzsche. And even if a Nietzschean remains a fan of Nietzsche, they must dissemble.  They must not allow anyone to know that they are a fan of Nietzsche.  And if they say anything about Nietzsche at all, they must denounce Nietzsche.  They can do this in a variety of ways - morally, politically, or best yet aesthetically.  They can say that Nietzsche is imprecise, boring, out of date, old-fashioned, corny, infantile, unsophisticated, not a real philosopher, only for poseurs, or that he missed something fundamental and that we have far surpassed him. Above all, one should misinterpret Nietzsche.

Stoics = Epicureans

Epicureanism, taken far enough, becomes Stoicism.  Stoicism, taken far enough, becomes Epicureanism. People often use the term "epicurean" to refer to somebody who is only interested in short-term, material pleasures, like eating delicious food. But Epicurus was actually a brilliant philosopher - yes, he said that pleasure was the goal of human life, but he specified that there were higher and lower pleasures, and that the highest pleasure is the appreciation of wisdom. He also considered friendship to be a profound source of meaning. True happiness, he thought, could be attained if we learn not to desire transient things but instead focus on the deepest, highest, most meaningful joys. Once one understands epicureanism in its proper context, it's very similar to Stoicism.   On the other side of the coin, people often use "stoic" to mean some kind of macho, bad-ass, unfeeling, joyless, hard heart of stone. But if you take stoic philosophy serious
  I kind of think about Hegel the way you might think about astrology.  People have different reactions to astrology.  Most people are vaguely aware of it, but only vaguely.  Then there are a few people who become deeply, deeply fascinated with it, or immersed in it.  Some people declare themselves experts on the subject.  A lot of these people are hucksters.  They can say whatever they want, and then slap the label "astrology" on their own opinions, intuitions, proclamations, or vague utterances.  And it can be very difficult to distinguish hucksters who make it up as they're going along from people who have done any real research on the subject - and this can become more and more difficult, the vaguer and more confusing people's statements are.  So there is a perverse incentive to write the vaguest and most confusing, or simply the most beside-the-point stuff, because it makes it more difficult for someone else to prove that you don't know what you're talkin
Helene: Admit that you've been happy. Alphonse: Often there's no choice. -from "Muriel, or the Time of the Return," written by Jean Cayrol (directed by Alain Renais)