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Lenin was a Radlib

Lenin the Liberal Karl Marx was a champion of democracy as well as rights such as freedom of the press and so on.  But he was no liberal.  Sometimes self-described followers of Lenin will oppose democracy, freedom of the press, and so on, while at the same time claiming to be Marxists.  How can they justify this?  Their answer, when they are confronted with the voluminous evidence that Marx supported democracy and freedom of the press, will typically be that Marx was writing when capitalism was in its ascendancy, but that after Marx's death, capitalism reached its imperialist stage, and required a different set of strategies.  Here they wAnyone with a solid grasp of Marxist theory is able to see the ways in which Lenin was liberal, particularly in his analysis of imperialism. Ask any follower of Lenin what makes their theory distinctive, and they will tell you: Leninism is Marxism of the era of imperialism.  But Lenin's way of dealing with imperialism was liberal rather than Ma

The Stupidest Idea

    The second stupid est idea is that all thoughts are in language. The stupid est idea is that nothing exists except language.  See: The Linguistic Turn was a Wrong Turn And, next: Mystics and Hubristics But wait, there's more: The third stupidest idea