Cosmology number 357: God Exists....

[originally posted on facebook, June 17, 2016]

Cosmology number 357: God exists. Or, rather, gods exist. Or, more precisely, myriad uncountable divine, god-like beings exist, or at least beings that are god-like in comparison to us. There are beings whose consciousness surpasses ours more than our own finite minds surpass those of bacteria. And then there are beings that are like Gods compared with them, and then levels of gods orders of magnitude higher than them, and so on and so on, perhaps infinitely. Even the lowest rungs of this hierarchy of consciousness above ourselves we could no more understand than a dog could learn calculus. And not only are these beings incomprehensibly more powerful than us, and smarter, and more knowledgeable, and wiser, but they are also vastly, unimaginably more moral than us. They are truly better than us, infinitely more kind and courageous and loving, and they understand what the word "good" means, in depths and heights that we could not begin to guess, let alone grasp. To sum up: they mean well. They really do. But just as the most well-intentioned plans of humanity inevitably turn to shit, just as the sweetest, most loving person might accidentally step on an ant, so it turns out that no matter how high and profound a being is, no matter how She has kept track of every molecule since the Big Bang - not to mention all the divine beings under Her and all the divine beings under them - somehow, in some way that no one understands, it always turns out that there is something left out of The Plan. Call it Original Sin, call it entropy, call it whatever you want.... The Ultimate Shittiness of the Universe is, alone, the unconquerable, the invincible, the omnipotent.


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