The lesson we can all learn from the example of Jordan Peterson is: sure, a social hierarchy of respect, honor, and esteem exists.  But simply directly striving to get to the top of the hierarchy, without any consideration for the consequences of your actions, won't get you there.  Instead, it will make people hate you.  

Peterson has been touting his "big five" personality tests, for years, with one of the vectors being "agreeableness," and at the same time he has been railing against "agreeableness," arguing that too many people in society are too agreeable.  Peterson committed himself with reckless abandon to his daughter's all-meat diet, against all medical advice (presumably because accepting such advice would be too agreeable), with the delusional belief that an all-meat diet would transform a normal person into an unstoppable Alpha Male.  Soon after this, Peterson succumbed to a severe autoimmune reaction to his own food, combined with extreme social anxiety, and in response his doctor prescribed benzodiazepine, which can be a pretty intense drug.  He became addicted, and then tried to quit cold turkey, causing severe withdrawal, and becoming "intolerable" to his family.  What happened next is unclear, but he wound up in an 8 day coma, and woke up somehow in Russia, where he underwent rehab in a pseudo-scientific "Reanimatology Ward".  His business empire was now being run by his daughter and her husband, the mysterious and shady Russian business consultant, Andrej Korikov, who has claimed at times to be possessed by a demon named Igor.  His daughter flaunted the coronavirus restrictions and partied, and soon Peterson, his daughter, Korikov, and their son all had Covid 19.

Peterson is one of the most hated losers in the world right now.  He is jobless, in debt, universally mocked, in terrible health both physically and psychologically, and repeatedly humiliated in public debates - whether it be with Slavoj Zizek, Sam Harris, or anyone else.  He has been so completely defeated that I almost feel bad piling on.  Almost.  But he himself is the perfect living example of how bereft his megalomaniacal philosophy is.  He has lost his battle with chaos.


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