Why Write Blogs?



I write, primarily, to clarify ideas in my own mind.  If other people want to read them, that's fine.   I appreciate it, and I'm grateful if people want to engage critically with these ideas and challenge them.  But ultimately, these writings are not written for other people.  They're written for me.  

I write because I'm so forgetful.  

If I have an idea, I want to jot it down, or else it will be lost forever - amazingly quickly.

I want to have these thoughts in front of me, so that I can compare them, and see whether one idea that I've had makes sense with another idea that I've had.  If it doesn't, that's not the end of the world.  I don't mind being a little inconsistent.  

In fact, that can be exciting, for me.  I'm always playing prosecutor against myself.  

PROSECUTOR: "If the witness will observe Exhibit A, dated 4-9-21, on this document, you claim that snurgs are blarg.  Yet on this previous document, Exhibit B, dated 8 months prior, you claim that snurgs are glarb!  Are we to believe, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, [chuckling] that a snurg can be both blarg and glarb at once?"

DEFENSE: "Objection, Your Honor!  Counsel is clearly badgering the witness."

WITNESS: [who had, until the prosecutor's remarks, been leaning on one hand with a glazed expression, seemingly half-asleep, now sits straight up with a big smile] "Ooooooh, neat!  How fun!  You found an inconsistency!  LET'S GOOOOOO!!!!!"


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