Out-Nietzscheing Nietzsche

Here's a take that's even more Nietzschean than Nietzsche himself (I don't believe this, really; I'm just playing in the sandbox):

"Philosophers" literally means "lovers of wisdom."  However, this is merely the P.R. of philosophers, their "good conscience" - but I repeat myself.  Lovers of wisdom?  Nay, I call them haters of wisdom.  Philosophy was the way that people like Socrates vented their ressentiment and envy against those who were above them, the wise, the sophists.  (For one thing, Socrates hated the sophists for being wise enough to make some money off of their wisdom.)  ...Or, even above the sophists, there is a fundamental ressentiment against the most wise of all: the sages, like the military general Pittacus of Mytilene, or the ancient enemies of the philosophers, the poets.  

Given his basic biological constitution, the philosopher can never actually be wise.  Wisdom requires experience, which requires action - precisely, it requires time spent in the rough-and-tumble, in the trenches of the battle for power.  This can either come directly, through one's own experience, or vicariously, as received wisdom from another person.  Rather than accepting wisdom and gratefully incorporating it into his life, like a bitter loser, the philosopher has nothing better to do with his time than to poke holes in the victories of the wise.  The philosopher is like the insufferable, scientistic, carping sniveler who talks through a movie pointing out all of its plot holes, implausibilities, violations of some aesthetic rule, and physical impossibilities - in an attempt to defend himself and others from being moved by it.  At best, the philosopher smashes wisdom.  Or, perhaps you would prefer that I put it this way: a philosopher is a warrior, who bravely guards against all received wisdom, analyzes it, takes it apart, disassembles it, sifts it, scrutinizes it, and if the philosopher deems it necessary, rejects it. 

To learn philosophy means: to learn hate.  But it is a specific kind of hate, not a hot wrathful hate that would immediately take revenge, settle scores and return the playing field to a more level position.  No, it is a cold, dry hate, that savors its hatred, and wants it to last a long, long time - eternity, even - so that instead of lashing out in an energetic burst, it holds itself back - restrains itself, expends no energy, releases nothing, reveals nothing, shrinks into itself, becomes invisible, intangible, even to itself, blends into the background.  Philosophy is a kind of camouflage.  Philosophy is a camouflage so effective that even it does not know it is there.  Philosophy could not become reality, so instead, it became a mystery.


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