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The End of Capitalism:

Standalone Essays:

On the Situationist International, the Communization Current, etc.:

The Spectacle of Abstention 

The Integration of the Integrated Spectacle

Debord against Communization

On the Ego and Egoism:


On Marx, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, etc.:

Why I Love Communists

Am I a Marxist?

Karl Marx Did Not Go Far Enough

I disagree with Marx, but....

Looking Forward to the Beginning of History

Would Marx Support Multipolarism?

The Death of the Proletariat

The Death of the Proletariat Explained 

Lenin's "Democratic Centralism" is Contrary to Marx 

The tl;dr on Lenin


Contradiction and Social Antagonism


On Nietzsche:

The One, True, Correct Interpretation of Nietzsche

Out-Nietzscheing Nietzsche

Nietzsche Undoes Himself 

Does Anyone Have Any Power?

Evaluate the following sentence:


On Language and Logic:


On Materialism - and especially, Aesthetic Materialism:

On Religion:

Why I Love Religion

What's Important About Theology


Think About It This Way.... Part 1

Think About It This Way.... Part 2 (This is the truth of religion....)

On Philosophy:

Philosophy Defined (this leads to the "What is Interesting?" series of essays) 

At Home He Feels Like a Tourist

On the Interesting:


On Utilitarianism and Consequentialism:

Against Rorty:

Against Social Determinism:

[Tangentially related to Hegel:] An Alternate Schema of Historical Idealism

On Stupidity:


On Truth:



On Plato:





Science Fiction and other Fiction:



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